Free XML / XSD / HTML Tools

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) defines a set of rules for encoding structured data in a human and machine readable format. There are a wide spread of XML-based formats like XHTML, RSS, Atom, KML, and many more.

XML Formatter

Format any valid XML string.

Format XML »

HTML Formatter

Format any valid HTML string.

Format HTML »

XML to XSD generator

Generate a XML Schema Definition (XSD) from any valid xml string.

Generate XSD from XML »

XSD to XML generator

Generates sample xml data from a valid xml schema definition (XSD).

Generate XML from XSD »

XSD Comparator

Compares two valid XML Schema Defintions (XML)

Compare XSD »

XML Validator

Validate XML against a XML Schema Defintions (XML)

Validate XML »

XML with XSLT transformation

Transforms xml data with xml style sheet (XSL).

Transform XML with XSLT »